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The Success SHIFT

Nov 3, 2022

Welcome to the newest segment of our Client Celebration Series! Today, we have as our special guest, our client, Financial Coach, Lance Karniewich.


Do you feel confident and comfortable in your body?


Or – like Lance – are you, a family member, or friend, feeling trapped by your weight?


You’re not alone if you do.


Many of our clients have complained:

  • They’ve struggled to lose weight, despite "doing everything right"
  • They’ve tried everything, and yet still feel uncomfortable in their body, unattractive, and old before their time
  • The aches and pains are starting to pile up
  • Their doc has told them to shape up or else
  • They’re scared their health is barrelling downhill
  • They feel disgusted with themselves for their lack of will power to make the necessary changes


Good nutrition and exercise aren't the whole stories of how Lance has lost over 60 pounds so far in the past year of working with us. 


If it were, he would have lost weight years ago.


Before starting our 8-Week Sustainable Weight Loss Bootcamp, Lance needed a wheelchair for long distances, he was in severe pain, and was told he’d need to have a hip replacement. He was getting regular cortisone shots to deal with the pain. 


Worse, he couldn’t help his daughter move in to her dormitory. Instead, he had to ask friends to help out. 


Can you relate? 


Since working with us, Lance hasn’t needed cortisone shots for pain, he was able to walk around at a convention with only a cane, and he helped his daughter move into her dorm room this year, including climbing stairs with boxes!


Tune in to learn more on how you too can drop the pounds to feel comfortable and confident in your body. 


Imagine what you’ll be able to experience too once you lose the weight for good!



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