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The Success SHIFT

Jan 4, 2022

Dr. Amelia Barrett 

Basically, the concept is to find a calm space, close your eyes and sit for 20 minutes or lie down. You are doing several things when you do this to your body. First of all, as soon as you shut your eyes, your brain makes different waves. They make a type of wave called alpha that is slower than our normal waking rhythm. So you're giving your brain a rest.


Dr. Irene Cop 

Stress can cause headaches. That may seem like a no-brainer (pun intended) and it goes far beyond just simple muscle tension. Furthermore, anyone who suffers from headaches will tell you that it can be almost impossible to even think straight, let alone have the energy and bandwidth to take successful action. 

That’s why I’ve asked Dr. Amelia Barrett, a Stanford-trained neurologist, to join me today. 

Dr. Amelia teaches the latest brain health science to people with headaches, and this curated information empowers individuals with the most effective tools to change their lives by tapping into the brain's natural capacity to heal. 

She and her team coach people to health through an online course called the Migraine Relief code.

Our focus today is on the science behind headaches and stress, what messages are your headaches sending you, and some fast ways you can relieve your headaches and shift back into success mode.

Listen in to awaken awareness around what your headaches are trying to tell you and learn the four steps to heal your brain!


  • The simple process of having a headache puts your body into a fight or flight state of stress. It becomes a nasty cycle of stress causing the headache causing the stress, and so forth. – Dr. Amelia Barrett
  • I've actually had clients say to me, “Well, I only get normal headaches, or I only have normal stress.” There is no such thing as normal headaches, but you can get used to them so that they become part of the fabric of your life. – Dr. Irene Cop
  • There are two ways of dealing with stress: remove the stressor or increase your coping mechanisms, how you intervene, how you shift your physiology to open up new solutions for yourself. So people get stuck in this place of, “I can't change my life, I can't change my partner, my job, or whatever the stressor is.” There has to be an awakening before people wake up to their capacity to shift their own physiology. And of course, where the body goes, the mind will follow. Our brains live inside this body. You can shift your physiology and intentionally move yourself from this high stress state over to a lower stress state and that's where we put our attention and focus. – Dr. Amelia Barrett
  • Awakening Awareness is the first step to combat Learned Helplessness, where you’ve felt powerless in the past and so you just assume that you can't do anything now to help yourself. – Dr. Irene Cop

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