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The Success SHIFT

Aug 10, 2021

Healthy mental health is so important especially for our first responder and law enforcement personnel. 


The pressure and trauma that they face every day, accumulating throughout their career, are unimaginable for the general public. 

In today’s Self-Heal Podcast episode, I’m talking with my good friend, Jonni Redick 

about mental health, resilience, trauma and healing for law enforcement and first responders. 


Jonni’s a 29 year veteran of the police force, rising through the ranks of the California Highway Patrol from county clerical worker to breaking through that less than 1% ceiling for women of color in executive leadership in law enforcement. So in other words, very rare.


Her progression from frontline police work to executive leadership generated her passion for cultivating trust and legitimacy in organizational cultures. 


Jonni now builds 21st century leaders as the founder and CEO of JLConsulting Solutions where she works with police executives in law enforcement and public safety, as well as CEOs in corporate government and nonprofit businesses. 


Currently, Jonni is also adjunct faculty for the University of San Diego, instructing for the MS Law Enforcement and public safety leadership program, instructing leaders from across the country. 


Jonni’s training and instructional background includes work in cultural diversity, procedural justice implicit bias, organizational culture stress resiliency, public trust and legitimacy, Jonni is also the author of the “Survival Guide to Law Enforcement Promotional Preparation” and her new book, “Black, White, and Blue Surviving the Sifting”.


Topics Discussed:

  • Mental Health and Trauma of Law Enforcement Officers
  • Psychological Safety of First Responder and Law Enforcement
  • Self-Healing and Mindfulness in Law Enforcement 


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