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The Success SHIFT

Apr 18, 2022

Ti Caudron, PhD, founder of VitaliTi Wellness and a Sustainable Weight Loss Expert, is passionate about helping people over 40 with stubborn weight. 


She has helped more than 10,000 people finally lose weight and keep it off.


Her specialty is breaking the cycle of weight loss and regain that many people experience. Dr. Ti uses proven, science-based nutrition and sustainable weight loss strategies specifically for people over 40, which are left out of most weight-loss programs.


Dr. Ti is also one of the world-class experts featured in the Brain Reboot event series that I also have the pleasure of being a part of.


I asked Dr. Ti here today so we could discuss the different ways stress causes weight gain, especially that unhealthy belly fat. She also shared her top three easy tips to start on the path to sustainable weight loss.


Listen in to learn more!


Talking points:

  • Stress causes an increase in cortisol hormone which then causes weight gain on many different levels through such mechanisms as raising your blood sugar and increasing insulin (which causes you to store more fat)
  • Stress causes you to turn to comfort _________ … fill in the blank with your favourite food (like carbs) or beverage (like coke, coffee, or alcohol), even if you’re not hungry.
  • Stress can cause poor sleep, which then also leads to stubborn belly weight gain.
  • Cortisol hormone has gotten a bad reputation when in fact it’s a necessary part of a healthy stress response to keep you safe. 
  • You can be eating tons of food and your body will still get the signal that you’re hungry.
  • Dr. Ti’s three tips to start reversing the nasty cycle of stubborn stress-related weight gain.


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