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The Success SHIFT

Jun 22, 2022

Recently, my team and I have been running fun, powerful hot-seat sessions for elite performers across social media. 


The reason behind these is simple:

  1. To debunk the myth that only others with some magical quality can be elite performers. They’re simply ordinary people like you and me who’ve believed they’re meant for more and made the decision to become more. In other words, we’re all capable of being elite performers.
  2. To debunk the myth that elite performers have lived some kind of charmed life and that’s how they’ve been able to do the extraordinary. If anything, they have suffered as much or even more adversity and trauma. They’ve just chosen to use it to hone their character and become the hero of their story.
  3. To debunk the myth that elite performers have it “made” and that they’re immune to life’s troubles on an ongoing basis. Even elite performers can suffer setbacks like getting sick… as I did recently after recently traveling under tons of stress and no sleep. 
  4. To quickly provide relief for the high achiever on the hot seat and show you at home how you can quickly regain control of your life so you can be an elite performer too.


For this week’s podcast, enjoy this recording of a live stream where Dr. Dan Cardellichio, Director of Functional Medicine for the Stress to Success SHIFT Institute, turned the tables on me to interview me on what tools I used to heal from that bout of illness. 


It’s raw. It’s real. And you’ll learn the acupressure points and tools I used to boost my immune system and recover from that well known illness that’s been traveling the planet.


To see the video to see a visual of the points, you can find the video recording of this episode at


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