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The Success SHIFT

May 25, 2023

When I first met Victoria, she felt like her life was coming to an end after she was diagnosed with Graves Disease, an autoimmune thyroid condition. 


She was overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and fear for her future. 


With the conventional methods of treating Graves, she had good reason to be afraid. 


Little did she know that, less than two short months later, she would come to look at the diagnosis as a gift. 


A gift that gave her the opportunity to live the life she always wanted and had always been afraid to go after. 


Listen in to learn more!




And I think that it all really manifested in this way that I developed this thyroid condition. And after two months of working with Dr. Irene, my labs not only are practically normal, but I feel so much better all of the physical symptoms, I can really say all the physical symptoms that I had before are gone almost 100% of the time.


Dr. Irene Cop  00:32

So, thank you so much for offering to let others know about your journey. Working with me, I appreciate you so much sharing. And just wanted to start out by asking a couple of questions, if that's okay. So one of the questions I have is, so often I find, and this is human nature that we have a we reach it enough is enough moment, right? That it's not so sure, I like to call it Rock Bottom. But it's that okay, something's got to change now. So would you feel comfortable just quickly sharing what that was for you.


Victoria 01:13

Um, for me, it was probably when I felt like I couldn't function anymore. I couldn't enjoy anything, I just was in a constant state of worrying about just anything and everything things that likely would never happen. Just I would automatically go to worst case scenario for everything. And it was just not a functional way to live. And I just realized that I hadn't been happy. And I hadn't been living my life because I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop just constantly.


Dr. Irene Cop  01:48

Thank you. Thank you so much for your vulnerability and sharing. Now, before you started working with me, had you tried anything else before? What worked? What didn't work?


Victoria 01:59

Before working with you, I really tried to do a lot of stuff on my own. I would listen to like mindset podcasts and watch like conquering your anxiety, things on YouTube and stuff like that I would I have worked with therapists in the past, and nothing ever felt like it would make me it was lasting beyond the time I spent listening to it, then it never nothing ever made a real difference.


Dr. Irene Cop  02:28

So what what made you decide to work with me


Victoria 02:31

just some of the stuff that I heard when I heard you talking on Dr. Eric's podcast, some of the stuff you were saying just sounded like a really outside of the box kind of different approach, you would talk about some things like I don't know, patterns and stuff, the way we think is even just our unconscious mind. And it just made me realize that a lot of it is bigger than me and my intentions, because so much of it is deeper than that. And I wouldn't really I would only be able to scratch the surface on my own. Because it would it just went so deep, so much deeper than that.


Dr. Irene Cop  03:07

Thank you. And so how has working with me changed your life?


Victoria 03:14

I think it's been, gosh, probably almost two months. And I just feel very, I just feel like a sense of relief. I feel like not only because I feel better now in this moment, but I feel like I have tools now that I can take with me because I know realistically that stuff's gonna happen. And I feel better equipped to handle those things, because of a lot of the stuff that you've taught me things that we've gone over ways that you've helped me kind of reframe my thinking. And it's not easy to do, because I've been thinking this way for years. So I feel just very optimistic about handling things in the future and not falling back to the way that I was before.


Dr. Irene Cop  04:02

Thank you. And is there. Can you give examples, perhaps in your life of like specific things that have changed


Victoria 04:11

specifically, I feel like a big root cause of my unhappiness for a while which I think was kind of bottling up and manifesting and all these kinds of ways was that I had found myself in this life path that I never really wanted to be in to begin with because I was just programmed to just play it safe all the time. And I realized through working with Dr. Irene that I don't have to do that that I can go after something that I really wanted even if I don't completely know what that is yet. That's not the point. The point is that I don't have to play it safe in order to not be destitute, you know. So I am cutting back on hours at work so that I can discover what I really like and what I want to do. And it's such a freeing feeling, because I'm investing time in hobbies and experiences and time back. That's my actual life. And that is super meaningful.


Dr. Irene Cop  05:16

And the you say three months ago, couldn't have imagined that today, you would be giving up security and a full time job to live the life you want.


Victoria 05:28

It's funny you say that, because I had thought about it a lot. But I would always, like push it away, because I felt like it was just idealistic and just kind of just an unrealistic way to think that I could ever do something different, or just, I just made so many decisions in my life out of fear that I never thought that I could, that this would be a realistic place to find myself in. And now that I'm here, there's still that slight, that little voice in my head that sometimes tries to tell me that I'm crazy for making this decision. But I'm stronger than that now, and I've done enough work to know that that's not that's not real. And I never would have thought that I could make this decision. So really happy.


Dr. Irene Cop  06:21

Thank you. So as part of your enough is enough moment. I remember you telling me and I don't want to put words in your mouth. There was a physical reason you also reached out to me. Do you mind sharing that?


Victoria 06:35

Yeah. So I, I also developed an autoimmune disease. And I feel like a big part of my emotional unhappiness. And just like overall life dissatisfaction plays a big part in health. And I think that it all really manifested in this way that I developed this thyroid condition. And after two months of working with Dr. Irene, my labs not only are practically normal, but I feel so much better all of the physical symptoms. I can really say all the physical symptoms that I had before are gone almost 100% of the time. I'm so happy to hear that. Yeah, that's awesome. It is. I'm really, really happy about that. That's awesome. I didn't think it would happen so fast.


Dr. Irene Cop  07:27

Wonderful. I'm so I'm so happy for you. You've definitely put in final question, Victoria. If somebody is considering working with me take one of our programs working with the Institute, what would you tell them


Victoria 07:43

I would say it's worth doing this for yourself because it's it's worth the investment. There's so much value and it's going to be unlike anything you've tried before. I can almost guarantee that and I just know Dr. Irene wants the best for you and she's very, very relatable and she's supportive and it's just it's it's really worth putting that investment into yourself. And just taking a chance because I never thought that it could that I would feel this good this quickly and I look forward to working with Dr. Irene more in the future.


Dr. Irene Cop  08:23

Thank you so much, Victoria. appreciate your sharing




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