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The Success SHIFT

Jan 19, 2022

I am so thrilled to welcome Dr. Amie Horniman to our studio. Dr. Amie is the “thyroid fixer”. She's a woman on a mission to optimize thyroid patients around the world, not just in the United States, and give them their lives back using her proprietary transformational program, the Fix Method. 

She is also the founder of the Institute for Thyroid and Hormone Optimization. And as always our mess is our message, and after her own experience of insufferable symptoms, misdiagnosis, and improper treatment, Dr. Amie set out to help others who she knew were going through the same set of frustrations and who are on the same medical roller coaster. 

She grabs your hand, gives you answers about your health that no one has told you, and gives you the actual tools and personalized treatment to fix you. 

What makes her program unique is the extra support and accessibility that you cannot find anywhere else, my friends. That's the transformational journey with a focus on optimizing thyroid and hormone function and thus optimizing her patients. 

Dr. Amie looks at you as a unique individual one size does not fit all, and not just a lab value. She examines all factors that tie into thyroid dysfunction to give your life back. 

Dr. Amie is the host of the Thyroid Fixer Podcast, so be sure to check out her show next!

I asked Dr. Amie to be my guest to shed light on how stress causes very physical conditions, including autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – or hypothyroidism. 

It’s another example of how you truly can’t have success in any area of your life until you SHIFT out of survival and stress mode.

Points Discussed:

  • The impact of COVID stress on the rate of Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism
  • How stress causes Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune conditions
  • The impact of Reverse T3 on your body and how to get it tested
  • How to test for Hashimoto’s
  • How Hashimoto’s can mimic anxiety, depression, and even Alzheimers

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