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The Success SHIFT

Sep 15, 2022

Our guest today, Eric Rogell, has had a life and career that many would envy. And yet, he needed to go through his share of adversity and trauma to reach that place. Because he needed a guide to show him the way, he’s passionate about showing others how to fast-track their progress through his organization, “Mentors on Mission”. 


Topics Discussed:

  • Embracing our big beautiful battle scars
  • Use your adversity as fuel
  • What it means to take Extreme Ownership
  • How wearing our trauma and adversity like a badge of honour actually hurts us
  • How taking extreme ownership can catalyse the most amazing life ever
  • The Sacred Seven Core Values



Eric Rogell is a bestselling author, podcast host, documentary filmmaker, sought-after speaker, and award-winning journalist who’s traveled the world writing about gear, tech, cars, and adventure travel for publications including, Men’s Fitness, and more.


During that time, Eric hiked the Ma′unga Terevaka volcano on Easter Island, drove some of the country’s most noted racetracks, rode shotgun on the streets of Tokyo in one of the first fully autonomous vehicles, kayaked around Bora Bora, and spent part of the Wacken Open Air heavy metal festival in Germany, suspended 150-feet above the crowd.


Eric has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, military vets and others, getting them to dive deep into their stories, and all the lessons, challenges, and triumphs that have made them the success they are today. Valuable insights that paint a picture of what great leaders are made of. And how critical it is to have strong, influential mentors to guide us along the path.


This inspired Eric to personally share his wisdom over the last 20 years, and mentor dozens of ambitious men and women driven to accelerate their lives and careers. His company, Mentors On Mission, shows organizations how to use the impact of mentoring to dramatically improve their business.


Eric’s next book, “Lions Raised as Lambs” will drop in October.


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