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The Success SHIFT

Sep 15, 2021

Have you, a family member, or friend, ever suffered from feeling depressed?


Did you know that depression symptoms can be caused by other things than your emotional state? It’s important to rule them out before settling for a diagnosis of clinical depression. 


Dr. Achina Stein, who is a board-certified psychiatrist and functional medicine doctor, learned this through helping her teenaged son with his mental health challenges. 

He developed depression, seemingly instantaneously, while on a three-month trip to India and Europe. One moment, he was fine and the next, he was standing out on a ledge five stories up, ready to jump. It didn’t make sense to his mom.


While conventional doctors put him on four different medications for all of his symptoms, something didn’t add up to Dr. Achina because her son was suffering from other unexplainable symptoms. For instance, he could no longer read, whereas before, he had been a voracious reader. 


Can you relate?


Have you experienced symptoms of depression that weren’t helped by medications? Have you suffered from other symptoms that don’t seem related, like constipation, eczema, brain fog, inability to read, other allergies, or other autoimmune conditions?


Listen to this podcast and learn how your depressed mood and other symptoms could be actually caused by other factors, like your diet.


Topics Discussed:

  • Other causes of feeling depressed
  • Celiac disease as a cause of depression and other neurological symptoms
  • How Functional Medicine assesses and treats symptoms of depression differently
  • Ways to help yourself in the moment if you’re feeling stressed, depressed, or at the end of your rope


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