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The Success SHIFT

Jun 5, 2023

Welcome to "The Stress to Success SHIFT Podcast"! Today, we have a special guest joining us, Daniel Samson, a global business growth and profitability expert in the health and wellness industry.


Daniel is here to share his expertise on helping mission-driven organizations overcome challenges and develop effective growth strategies. He truly understands the importance of being mission-driven and how organizations can make a positive impact on the world through their products and services.


We all know that health professionals often struggle with the business side of running their practices or organizations. Daniel will shed light on the lack of business training and how it hinders their growth potential.


Daniel emphasizes the significance of building a strong foundation for success. He will discuss the key elements such as sales strategies, messaging, tools, compensation plans, and training that are essential for supporting growth in the health and wellness industry.


Strategy alone is not enough. Execution is equally important. Daniel will share his insights on how to choose the right people and teams to effectively execute growth plans.


We'll delve into the common challenges faced by organizations in this industry. Daniel will provide practical solutions to address issues such as sales team inefficiencies, lack of infrastructure, independent contractors not meeting standards, absence of CRM systems, ineffective marketing materials, and poor communication between departments.


In our conversation, Daniel and I discuss the significance of emotions in decision-making and how adversity shapes leaders. We explored how our emotional brain influences our choices and how tough experiences can be transformative, leading to personal and professional growth.


This has been an incredible discussion with Daniel Samson, where we've gained valuable insights into overcoming business obstacles in the health and wellness industry. I'm truly grateful for his expertise and willingness to share his experiences. Thank you for tuning in, and remember to stay tuned for more enlightening conversations on "The Stress to Success S.H.I.F.T. Podcast!”


Topics Discussed:

  • The challenges faced by health professionals

  • Building a strong foundation for growth

  • Execution and choosing the right people

  • Common challenges and solutions

  •  The role of emotions and adversity in leadership



  • "Mission-driven organizations in the health and wellness industry need a strong foundation to achieve growth and make a meaningful impact on the world." - Daniel Samson

  • "Passion and vision are essential, but without the necessary business skills, many health professionals struggle to scale their organizations." - Daniel Samson

  • "Execution is just as important as strategy. Choosing the right people and teams to implement the plans effectively is key to achieving success." - Daniel Samson

  • "Adversity brings out the best and worst in people. It's in these moments that true leaders are forged." - Dr. Irene Cop

  • "Tough experiences provide valuable lessons and shape us into better professionals and leaders." - Dr. Irene Cop

  • "Our emotions play a significant role in decision-making. Understanding and harnessing them can lead to better outcomes." - Dr. Irene Cop

  • "In times of extreme adversity, we discover hidden strengths and capabilities we didn't know we had." - Dr. Irene Cop

  • "Building a strong foundation and overcoming challenges is essential for mission-driven organizations to achieve their goals and create a lasting impact." - Daniel Samson

  • "Survival instincts kick in during extreme situations, enabling us to find the strength and capabilities needed to navigate through tough times." - Dr. Irene Cop

  • "By focusing on creating a solid infrastructure, effective sales strategies, and promoting collaboration, organizations can overcome obstacles and achieve growth." - Daniel Samson





Experienced Culture Influencer and Growth and Profitability Driver with significant Global experience in the Health & Wellness Industry. Highly regarded as a team builder that attracts and retains talented professionals. Has worked with private equity and venture capital firms to increase sales and profitability of multiple companies. In 2014, he was hired as a consultant to build the Canadian and International operations of a privately-held dietary supplements company that sells exclusively to healthcare professionals and their patients. His ability to build a highly profitable world-class organization in Canada earned him the role of Chief Revenue Officer, expanding his responsibilities to lead the US, Sports Nutrition, Private Label and Customer Service Organizations. After 8.5 years spent exclusively with one company, Daniel decided to move on and restart JEE Ventures, a consulting firm that provides expert advice on growth, profitability and sales operations strategies to companies in the Health and Wellness Industry.


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