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The Success SHIFT

Sep 30, 2022

“Your own awareness is a super power!” - Victoria Fenton 


Bridging the worlds of science and spirituality, Victoria Fenton offers holistic support for individuals to heal from suffering, so they can transform their lives. She also trains holistic coaches as part of her mission to create empowered, self-aware multiskilled healing professionals who can aid in the resolution of other sufferings.


Your host, Dr. Irene Cop is passionate about helping other purpose-driven elite performers shift from Burnout to playing All Out and enjoy the level of success, health, and happiness they deserve. She provides clients with confidential step-by-step accountability, support, and actionable tools so they can harness the superpower of their energy, focus, and mind's operating system programming... to work smarter instead of harder.


Guest Bio: Victoria Fenton

Victoria is a Functional and Performance Medicine Consultant, Human Design and Gene Keys expert, and Transformational Master Coach. She has been in the world of personal development and healthcare for almost 20 years, training with some of the world's most exceptional doctors and greatest spiritual teachers. Today, Victoria bridges the worlds of science and spirituality, offering holistic support for individuals to heal from suffering and transform their lives. Victoria also trains holistic coaches as part of her mission to create empowered, self-aware, multi-skilled healing professionals who can aid in the resolution of suffering for others.


Getting to know Victoria & fun with accents


  • From 02:10: 
    • “It reminds me of that the British movie Love Actually and isn't there like once one with one of the themes in that movie? is a British fellow who can't get a girl for the life of him, decides to go to America so that you know because you know American women love British accents.” 
    • “And it's so surprising how many people comment on it because I just talk and I'm like, oh, yeah, I don't. I have an accent. So yes.”


Why we create barriers


  • From 06:38: 
    • “We feel like we're not lovable just innately and sometimes those masks are self-protective in from other reasons, you know, historic trauma historic experiences, where aren't systems stepped into a place where being vulnerable and being us wasn't a safe thing to be. And therefore we have created barriers and armor and masks to self-protect.” 
    • “I think of it like the creation of a beautiful statue. You don't like add things in to create the statue the statue creator starts with a lump of stone and chipped away at the edges to create the shape underneath.” 



Human Design


  • From 18:11:
    • you mentioned Human Design and whether your listeners know or don't know about it, it's kind of a system linked to astrology and all that kind of stuff. And that's where I started and the reason that I've been in this place for 20 years and I am old enough was because I found that when I was 15 my mom found it when I was 15. And so that's when I started in the world of effective personal development and looking inwards. But I couldn't talk about it to anyone, I mean, this was in 2002/2003 I couldn't talk about that to anyone. And now I'm at a party and if a friend that I'm with knows that I'm there and somebody who is interested, I get introduced as the person who learned human design with the founder. And it's like the state shift in recent years. This is very recent that we can have like energetic conversations and I can, I mean, I'm sure people are not using it entirely accurately, but I can use the word Cymatics and people understand what I'm talking about, or at least have some concept that it isn't. I'm just being weird and refuting medical stuff. I'm actually talking about, you know, a bio psycho social emotional phenomenon that we are proving in science now. And that I love I love that I can talk about things openly without feeling like I might be kind of like I don't know dismissed as a witch or whatever they used to do.


Is it witchcraft

  • From 23:49:
    • “So medical heartland, you know, very intense in terms of consultants charging mega fees for like, an hour to speak to them and they give you a prescription and I would not really interface with them directly, but my patients would, and so people would find me somehow, and they would come and we would do integrative work, and so much of it was, you know, I'll sit and listen to your story for an hour and a half, two hours, three hours, however long it took, and that in and of itself was therapy because they were feeling like someone was listening, someone was paying attention. And then just the interventions talking a bit about trauma, talking a bit about the nervous system, which was my major thing. I was getting massive results with complex chronic illnesses like untreatable. You will have to live with this for the rest of your life illnesses and seemingly without doing anything at all. So I wasn't even doing acupuncture or anything. But I was just humoring nervous system co-regulating, giving a little bit of supplemental support where I could but many people couldn't take supplements because they were just super sensitive, allowing them to have a different nervous system regulation. habit and practice. And they would be drastically changed in a period of very short space of time, and they'd go back to their consultants, and some were like, it just was a fake illness and you knew that nothing happened. And others were curious, others were, well hang on a second, who is this strange woman and what does she do, and is it some sort of witchcraft?”


Your own awareness is your superpower

  • From 29:43:
    • “I think at this moment in time, and this one message has probably changed over the course of my lifetime. But at this moment in time, it's that your own awareness is a superpower. It actually transforms everything about who you are being in each moment. If you just add awareness to the situation, and not attachment, I don't mean make meaning of the thing that you're observing but if you have this physiological sensation, we spend so much of our time time traveling, we are in the future thinking about what could happen or what might happen or what that might result in, or in the past worrying about what we've done. And I think awareness is the superpower where you can totally present moment yourself with what's here.”


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