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The Success SHIFT

Feb 23, 2022

Today, I have one of my soul sisters, Silvia Worsham. Sylvia survived a near-death experience in 2012. And she used that major life experience as a turning point to trade off her multiple award-winning career in pharmaceutical sales with Pfizer, and life as a single mom to become the world-class author, keynote speaker, and transitional mindset coach she is today.

Silvia now lives her passion by helping men and women who find themselves at a crossroads to navigate change with confidence, faith, and joy. Her mission is to help professional parents to become the best version of themselves, trust and act on their God instincts and integrate their personal and professional lives with joy. She does this through her masterminds, coaching services, conditioning programs, keynote speeches, and Focus Friday video series on her YouTube channel, all of which will be in the show notes. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two amazing children.

I was recently interviewed by authority magazine on how I’ve Redefined Success. Sylvia and I have also spoken at a global event recently that was on the Great Resignation. So to me, those two topics really meld together so well right now. To me, it's a beautiful opportunity for us to guide and mentor those who have been cracked open from their previous trance of feeling that they needed the security of a job, of a career that perhaps they weren't fulfilled in and just allowing for the possibilities of “I don't know what I don't know”. Since Sylvia’s expertise amongst others is in how to make the change successfully. 

Listen in for more on Sylvia’s near-death experience and how it transformed her life…



“Turning points are always around the corner in anyone's life. It can happen in an instant, or it can take some time to develop.” – Sylvia Worsham


“Ask yourself the question, “Do I want to continue living the stressful corporate life that I've been living and based on others' expectations of me? Or do I want to step into uncertainty even though I don't know where my path is going to lead me? Most people stay stuck a long time because they allow their mind or their fear to dictate their actions.” – Sylvia Worsham 


“That near-death experience pretty much scared me. It woke me up so that now I was ready to take that step into uncertainty. In the ICU, everything got very very clear.” – Sylvia Worsham


“Oftentimes, we need to hit rock bottom or near rock bottom for us to wake up out of our trance – and I use that term deliberately – because most of the world is stuck in a victim sabotage pattern. In other words, they feel powerless. They feel like life is being done to them. So, we have to wake up before we can really move forward into ‘It's going to be okay.’ and then ‘The best is yet to come.’ ” – Dr. Irene Cop

“Even after you make the decision to change your life, there’s still a period of “waiting” while you’re growing into the person you need to be to comfortably handle the change.

So that's why we don't want to have everything now. We think we want it and yet we need failure. We need that space to grow.” –Dr. Irene Cop


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