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The Success SHIFT

Feb 20, 2022

Today I have one of my favorite guests, Dr. Dan Cardellichio. 

He's the chief fun officer for everything he does. He is also a doctor of chiropractic, as well as a nutrition professor at Bridgeport University. And he has joined our team, so you're going to be seeing more of him and he's likely even going to be co-hosting and hosting this podcast at times. 

I was recently interviewed by Karen Mangia for Authority Magazine and Thrive Global Magazine on how I redefined success  In it, I detailed out the 5 most important things needed to Redefine Success. I believe it’s such an important topic, that I decided to ask a few of my favourite experts how they redefine success to continue the discussion, starting with Dr. Dan. 

Listen in as I put Dr. Dan on the hot seat, and look for the other interviews coming up!

Talking points:

  • How you can do everything “right” and still crash and burn from stress 
  • How even if you know what to do, you can still fall off track in your health
  • The importance of “walking the talk” because the incongruence between what you “should do” and what you are doing can cause Imposter Syndrome and mental health challenges
  • The drive and calling to help people can set you up for burnout faster
  • Trauma predisposes you to burnout
  • How catastrophic burnout  – Flameout Syndrome – like heart attacks, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, a depressed immune system leading to cancer and viral conditions, and adrenal exhaustion doesn't just happen to old people. Dr. Dan and I were both 37 when we had our “ICU” moments.
  • How globally we’re heading toward Flameout Syndrome due to chronic stress of the past couple of years
  • Life defining moments can be positive or negative
  • How Redefining Success for you is a game-changer


Questions you can ask yourself:

  • If there was one defining moment that set you on a life course, what would that be?
  • What are some myths and limiting beliefs that you used to believe around success?
  • What does success look like to you? … in your career and wealth, your health and energy, your relationships and personal life?

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