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The Success SHIFT

Mar 2, 2022

Today I have as my special guest, Zoe Anna Bell. She’s a refreshing potion of unapologetic truth, pioneering the essential revolution of love, and an author of six books. Her most recent release is Breaking Free: No More Soul Suffocation. 


She is passionate about helping women to understand themselves and for men to understand the feminine as a gateway to restoring harmony and unity.


Talking Points:

  •  Learning how to break free of the programs and the identity of who we think we are…to then really be free from the inside out. 
  • The parallels between the shift from stress to success and the shift from stress to stillness. 
  • It’s all about teaching a child how to help themselves, giving them the responsibility… giving them back their power. 


“When we want success, what we're really seeking is freedom… the freedom to live life on our terms.” – Dr. Irene Cop

“There is a journey of mastery that's required, with humility, respect, and honoring. Please be open to and trust in the process. I didn’t used to be uncoachable because I was the Doctor. And then I realized, Oh, no. So, I had to set my ego aside so that I could become coachable. And if somebody coaches me, I say ‘Thank you for the coaching. Thank you for the perspective, and I'm really going to mull that over and see how that fits.’ And I may still lovingly disagree with them. “ –Dr. Irene Cop


“All over people, are feeling powerless. They're feeling victimized and I always come back to one of my favorite heroes and mentors, Dr. Viktor Frankl, a survivor of four Holocaust death camps, who said “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing is the ability to think and his ability to respond in any given situation.” –Dr. Irene Cop


Firstly, no one's getting left behind. Myself and yourself. We're on this mission about guiding as many as we can. It's not about leaving people are chasing one way and forgetting. That's not the mission. The Leap though to be in the creator of the game is to realize letting go of all idea of control


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