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The Success SHIFT

Jul 28, 2023

Title: How to SHIFT from Challenge to Change


Zen Benefiel, a dynamic transformational coach, podcast host, and author, dedicates himself to unlocking people's true potential and fostering meaningful change in their lives. With a fervent passion for guiding individuals toward discovering their purpose and path, Zen possesses an in-depth comprehension of consciousness and spirituality.


In this episode of the Success SHIFT Podcast, Zen reveals his captivating personal story of transformation, encompassing his near-death experience and the profound insights attained about cosmic consciousness. Additionally, he delves into his distinctive coaching approach that spotlights the significance of aligning with life's flow while conquering personal limitations.


Zen believes that we are all interconnected threads of cosmic consciousness, and he envisions a shift from a profit-driven agenda to a people and planet-centered approach. He offers practical advice on how to apply these insights to our own lives, and he invites listeners to explore their own journeys of self-discovery.


This episode is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in personal and collective transformation, spirituality, or the interconnectedness of all beings – while still leading and succeeding at the highest level.


Key takeaways from this episode include:


1. We all embody pure energy, capable of aligning with life's flow by surrendering personal will and desires.

2. Everyone grapples with limitations and liabilities; however, altering our beliefs and actions enables us to rise above them.

3. As interconnected threads of cosmic consciousness, we contribute to constructing a more harmonious world.


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"Embrace interconnectedness and contribute to a more harmonious world." - Dr. Irene Cop


"We are all in relationships on the ocean of emotion seeking safe harbor together." - Zen Benefiel


"We're 100% energy. Where do we want to put that energy? Do we want to just be with it and allow it to reflect to us where we need to be?" - Zen Benefiel


"Harmony is when people learn to love and be loved." - Zen Benefiel


"What do we need to do in order to change leadership and use the existing systems the way they were meant to serve humanity?" - Zen Benefiel


"The transcendence of ego redirects it towards a collective participation in a goal together." - Zen Benefiel